The SSBA Quality Control Process

Prior to acceptance as an SSBA member candidates are required to survey all of their clients from the past twelve months.

It’s a simple one-click survey with four possible ratings:

Customer rating icons

There is also the option for clients to provide comments or feedback after completing the survey.

Any candidate who receives more than one amber or red light is automatically excluded from membership.

Following acceptance to the SSBA we require members to continue to survey their clients on an ongoing basis in line with best practice for their industry. Depending on frequency of client contact this may be on a quarterly, six monthly or annual basis; at the completion of a service; or at selected stages during a project and at an agreed interval following project completion.  

We also regularly seek anecdotal feedback from other members who have clients in common to ensure that all members are maintaining their commitment to the SSBA shared values of:

It’s easy to post glowing testimonials from your mates on your website and sweep bad feedback under the carpet. That is not acceptable in the SSBA. When you work with SSBA members you can have confidence that you are dealing with quality professionals who have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that you will receive the best possible service, support and advice, no exceptions.

Here are the results of all the client ratings across all SSBA members.

Happy = Gold star or green light responses

Disappointed = yellow or red light responses.

You can see individual rating results on individual directory listings

Here are our most recent client comments