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Episode #7 05/05/2017

Scott Trevethan PhotoScott Partners

Is your business ready for disruption?

Joining me on today’s show is Scott Trevethan.
Scott is the CEO of Scott Partners – Business Advisors and Tax Specialists – serving small and medium sized businesses in Melbourne – helping them to improve profits and cashflow to build real wealth.
During this interview Scott shares:
•  Is your business ready for disruption and ready to take full advantage of opportunities right now to unlock cash and capital growth;
•  Are you asking yourself these challenging and thought provoking questions to ensure you and your business can adapt and survive these changing times; •  Are you leveraging affordable bookkeeping solutions and technology to best support you while you focus on business growth activities.


Episode #6 21/04/2017

Jeanine Purdie PhotoBusiness Credit Solutions

How to Be Better Prepared to Give Credit to Customers

Joining me on today’s show is Jeanine Purdie from Business Credit Solutions.

How is your company’s cash flow? Do you have unpaid debtor accounts?
On this episode, Jeanine Purdie, CEO of Business Credit Solutions shares:
•  How to be better prepared to give credit to customers.
•  Be able to detect the early warning signs of non-payment of a customer.
•  What you need to know about cloud based systems to assist you with your debtor management.


Episode #5 10/04/2017

Douglas Townsend Photo– Markstone Management Consultants

How to Successfully Apply for Government Grants

Joining me on today’s show is Douglas Townsend from Markstone Management Consultants.

Douglas is a specialist in the AusIndustry R&D Incentive Program and a dedicated consultant to a wide range of companies, driving programs that have released funds to commercialise emerging technology across a range of industries.


Episode #4 27/03/2017

Ian Hopkinson PhotoMad Scientist Digital

How Google Ranks A Brand Online

Joining me on today’s show is Ian Hopkinson from Mad Scientist Digital.

Did you know there are over 200 signals that Google looks for to rank a brand online? Most SEO companies will tell you about 10 and act on about 5. No wonder our websites are not getting found online.


Episode #3 15/03/2017

Tony Sambell PhotoSpicy Web

How To Avoid Costly Google Adwords Mistakes

Joining us on today's show is Tony Sambell, founder and director of Spicy Web – a Web Design and Google AdWords Premiere Partner:

According to today’s guest – 49% of smartphone users say they've tried new brands after seeing them in search results … if one of your potential customers were searching for your product or service on Google, would they find your business in their search? Or would they find one of your competitors?


Episode #2 01/03/2017

Violeta Balhas Photo– Communication Specialist

How to Ensure Success with Your Content Marketing

Joining us on today's show is Violeta Balhas, where she shares:

  • Why content marketing is "the only marketing that's left" - Seth Godin.
  • The single key to successfull content marketing.
  • Three ways to ensure success with your content marketing.

6 out of 10 people will believe a search engine over the word of government, NGOs, business, and the media. What would consumers discover from a search engine about your business?


Episode #1 15/02/2017

Peter Engelhardt PhotoPlan2Brand

How to Build an Industry-leading Brand

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics more than 60 percent of small businesses cease operating within the first three years of business. DailyMail UK has reported there are over 570 websites being created every single minute; and across the web every 60 seconds 216,000 photos are shared across Instagram, there are 1.8 million likes on Facebook, and three days worth of video is being uploaded to YouTube.
That raises the question, as a business how do we not only position ourselves to survive those initial three years – but how can our business continue to thrive AND be positioned as an industry-leading brand.