The SMART-Connect Alliance

We are a collective of B2B consultants, advisors, and suppliers representing "the best of the best within our respective industries".

Our community framework exists to foster the highest standard of honesty and integrity within each of us, whilst enabling us to work together to provide exceptional levels of professional service and comprehensive support to our clients.








 The Right People

Who we are

We are business owners.
We are established, and outstanding at what we do.
We provide highquality, professional business services to SMEs.
We are clear on our business vision, goals and direction.
We are on a growth curve.

Who do we serve?

Alliance members share a common target market: SMEs with 5-100 employees, turning over more than $500,000. These businesses are large anough for quality advisors, consultants and suppliers, but not so large to have their services in-house.

  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Professional services
  • Health
  • Education
  • Associations and local government

Our Mission

Our mission is to work together to provide exceptional services to our clients, whilst helping one another to realise and exceed our business goals.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Contribution
  • Innovation

The Right Process

The SMART-Connect Alliance processes are powerful and involve:

  1. The right people.
  2. The SMART Partner Wheel™.
  3. Training and support.
  4. SMART-Connect meetings.
  5. Marketing.

The SMART-Connect Alliance Partner Wheel™

Shared Target Market — Shared Values — Shared Alignment Objectives

SMART-Partner Wheel image

Exceptional Results

Exceptional Results

Our combination of the right people and the right processes raises our members' already high standards and provides high quality, strategic partnerships. This means exceptional results for your business and your clients.

What our members say:


I'm not a networking for networking's sake person, but I'm talking to exactly the right people… getting real connections, real results and new clients out of every meeting. SMART-Connect is my #1 networking choice.
Frances Pratt - Sales Success Architect
Kiss To Sell


The structured process and the SMART-Connect vetting process reduces the risk. I'm meeting people with the right values, who actually do quality work. Over a 6 month period we've got 4 clients and 2 partners through SMART-Connect.
Ian Hopkinson - Digital Marketing and SEO
Mad Scientist Digital


The SMART-Connect process gives me the sort of accountability I give my clients. Meeting the right people, following up with the right people and actually driving business. I dare you to find better!
Stewart Clark - Business Consultant and Coach
SCS Performance


As an experienced business owner I struggled to find high quality professionals I could trust to collaborate with. SMART-Connect has given me access to a powerful team of high quality business advisors who support my business and my clients.
Tim Button - Brand & Marketing Strategist
Buttons Creative



Boardroom Photo

Do You Have What It Takes To Qualify For A Seat At The SMART-Connect Table?

• Meet The Right People
• Experience The Right Process
• Achieve Exceptional Results

Becoming A Member

3 Step Membership Application

Step 1: Attend a SMART-Connect meeting as a guest

Step 2: Complete a 3 month trial membership

Step 3: Complete a one click customer satisfaction survey of your clients and achieve a minimum 75% satisfaction rating.

Your commitment to the SMART‑Connect Alliance

While we expect Alliance members to be committed to achieving our mission, and living our core values, there are no rules or requirements around attendance, participation, generating referrals, or bringing guests.

Membership is paid monthly and there are no contracts.

You can resign at any time.

We live by our mission and values, and are committed to your success.

Do you know someone you think would qualify? Then tell us about them and what they do, preferably with their LinkedIn profile address if you can … we won't contact them before talking to you first, so make sure to leave your own name and contact number. You can contact us via our Contact Us page or email us if you prefer, you will find all our contact details on the Contact Us page.


Suite 563, 585 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000