Picking out the most effective and proven brand and marketing methodologies that are used by Fortune 500 companies, Plan2Brand guides users through the development of a well-defined brand strategy for their business. Through a series of modules with interactive exercises involving purposeful and strategic thinking, insightful customer and competitor research and operational planning, users are guided through the process of developing their brand strategy. The resulting core brand components are a series of specific and clearly worded statements, descriptions and actions that become a ‘high-level brand strategy roadmap’ that provides guidance and clarity for a growing companies internal and external brand delivery. These components are: A set of Brand Foundations – Six key components that define the unique and differentiated essence of a brand to help them stand apart. These are a brands: Purpose, Vision, Position, Promise, Pillars and Personality. Ideal Buyers – Two key components that help a company focus their marketing efforts on the most profitable buyers, therefore using their valuable resources in the best way possible. These are your Target Market and Buyer Persona. Brand Action Plan – A one-page, one year plan of the strategies, goals and tactics to implement and grow your brand. With a Brand Strategy clearly defined, a company's marketing messages can answer the question customers are asking as they evaluate alternative solutions – “Why should I buy from you, and why should I care?”


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