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At Mad Scientist Digital we specialise in Search Engine Optimisation – feeding Google and other search engines the stuff that gets our clients found. Our expert SEO know-how enables us to help our clients implement digital strategies that get them found by the right customers in the digital market place. We don’t hang our hats on what Google says about what works – we test it. We’ve found out some fascinating things about what happens “under the hood” and how rapidly it can change. We’ve also discovered a lot of things that don’t get a mention – and work beautifully. Navigating the digital landscape doesn’t need to be a random exploration. We’re here to guide you. How? Search Engine Optimisation: building you a powerful presence on Google and increasing the payback on your digital marketing with expert search engine optimisation. Digital Strategy and Consultation: guiding and advising you on the chemistry of digital marketing via private consultation, workshops, seminars, radio, and TV. How effective is your digital strategy? Content Creation and Strategy: collaborating with you to build your business and personal brands, we establish your dynamic voice online. Are your struggling to understand or generate quality online content? Online Reputation Management: monitoring, protecting and maintaining your precious personal and/or business reputation. Do you need help managing your online reputation?

The German government has asked Google to expose its algorithms so they can get a better hold on the whole competition and monopoly question.


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