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If you’re a Professional Services Business who wants to make a real difference in the lives of your clients, but you’re struggling to be heard above all of the noise – “Hello! It’s a pleasure to connect!” Helping clients stand out, be heard and become an influential voice in their industry is MY specialty. ➛ What do I do? With over two decades in the Personal Branding and Communications industry, (specifically digital/online marketing), along with my 9 years’ experience in podcasting – I now help my clients cut through the noise of a cluttered marketplace, so they become an influential voice in their industry with a podcast. People often looked quite shocked when they learn I’ve been podcasting since 2008. In fact, over the years my colleagues, guests and clients would often refer to me as: “The Podcasting Queen,” and after some initial hesitation, that name grew on me. ➛ A little more about me: I recently won the Best Podcast in the Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Category for the inaugural Cast Away Australia Podcast Awards. Over the years I’ve been listed among the Top 25 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs, Top 50 Podcast for Entrepreneurs, and Top 100 Small Business Podcasts worldwide by well-known small business websites, including ➛ What do I specialise in? If you’re looking to disrupt your industry with your message, build an engaged audience of your ideal customers with your own podcast – I can help. ★ The Corporate Podcast: I can host (interview you/key stakeholders) and produce a podcast for you. ★ Solopreneurs: I can help you create a 3-Part Podcast series to build awareness AND your list of potential customers. ★ Solopreneurs: Want to learn how to create your own podcast? My Podcasting With Purpose 8-week Training is for YOU! ➛ What’s the next step? Call: ☏ 03 9708 6930 Email: ✉ | Go to: ⇢ |

Find out if our Done-For-You Podcast Series will help your business. NOTE: We offer customised podcast series (and a podcast channel) to suit your needs.


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