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We are Virtual CFOs, providing Chief Financial Officer services to SME owner/managers who don't have the time, the skill nor the inclination to effectively use the numbers provided from their business systems to grow their businesses. Our focus is on long term improvement and we work closely with owners. When we are not in their office, we are always available to them to go over ideas or issues which they wish to discuss with us. Our initial review of the client’s business will aim to bring in immediate tangible benefits, whether they are cost savings or process improvements which make the manager’s life easier. We ensure that we understand the owner/manager’s aspirations for their business from the start. We work with them to set up a financial roadmap of the steps required to achieve that vision. For example, timing of sales change by price and volume, marketing costs related to increases in sales, improvements to gross profit through reduction of material wastage, reduction in staff costs per unit through hiring more highly skilled people, and additional building costs related to higher levels of production. Our work enables owners/managers to make informed decisions about their business and to understand the likely outcomes of their actions. Our other services are geared around the goal of achieving a successful outcome for the business – putting in place appropriate management reporting, financial policies and procedures, maintaining positive cashflow, establishing appropriate business systems and setting metrics for staff performance management.


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